22 December 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

Darling Bogey
   Just a note to wish you a Happy Xmas. I am afraid it will not arrive in time for today is Saturday not Friday as I fondly imagined. But there! Put the blame on the poor Xmas postman. No, even to think 0f such an unfair thing wont do at all. . .A Happy Xmas, my dearest Bogey. I wonder very much how you who always say you hate Xmas so will spend it this year. Perhaps the Dunning children will make it seem real at last. Do tell me about them.
   Here we are to have great doings. The Russian Christmas is not due for another fortnight so Mr Gurdjieff has decided the English shall have a real old fashioned English Xmas on their own. There are so few of them but that makes no difference to his ideas of hospitality. We are to invite all the Russians as our guests. And he has given us a sheep, a pig, two turkeys, a goose, two barrels of wine, whisky, gin, cognac etc, dessert of all kinds, an immense tree & carte blanche with which to decorate it. Tomorrow night we have our tree followed by the feast. We shall sit down to it about 60. Whoever gets the coin in the pudding is to be presented with our newborn calf - a perfect angel. Would that it were mine! [To J. M. Murry, 23 December 1922.]