31 December 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

Dearest Brett
   What haven't I to thank you for! A letter, 2 photographs and the perfectly charming little Beaver Puff. They were all my Christmas presents from England (except for a drawing from J.M.M.). I am so glad to have the photographs. Have you sold the little landscape yet? Looking at it I went back to Sierre for a moment & sat in the carriage at the hotel door about to drive away down the sunny streets and out into the vineyards. It seems years and years ago, though the Beaver Puff is a great lamb and it feels incredibly soft - delicious.
   Now for your letter. We are talking at cross purposes about Laws. Dear old Cezanne didn't discover those shapes! They have meant what he said they meant for thousands & thousands of years. Also one cant start laws like hares nor can one light on them in 5 weeks. I mean something utterly different - far more difficult and profound. Laws are handed down to those who have knowledge. For all I know the laws of painting may have to do with the planetary movements; I don't know. But they are quite different to "inward spiritual beauty". However the subject is dreadfully unprofitable, and I shouldn't have started it. I wanted merely to hint at something, to suggest something - no more. I am too ignorant to talk. [To Dorothy Brett, 31 December 1922.]