5 January 1923

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

My dearest Marie & Jeanne
   I am seizing the last moments of the old year to write to you, for I cannot let it depart without a letter from me. I have been such a very bad correspondent lately. I am only too painfully aware of it. But it was awfully difficult to write. There seemed nothing to say. Were I to attempt to describe my present surroundings and way of life it would all sound like a dream, and I have for the moment no interests outside it.
   As you know I came here for a ‘cure' but its not a ‘cure' in any ordinary sense of the word. The cure consists in leading as full and as different a life as possible, in entering into as many new interests as possible, in taking up all kinds of new things of every sort and description. Purely medical treatment there is none, as we understand it, or not enough to mention.
   We are about 50-60, mainly Russians established here in a colony, and leading a very particular kind of communal life. [To Charlotte Beauchamp Perkins and Jeanne Beauchamp Renshaw, unsent 31 December 1922.]