Jacqueline Wilson to be Patron of the Katherine Mansfield Society

14 January 2010

We are thrilled to announce that the internationally acclaimed author, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, has offered to become the Society’s Patron. We can’t think of a better representative for our Society. Jacqueline Wilson’s admiration for Katherine Mansfield’s writing  is well known and we hope that her enthusiasm for our favourite author will ensure future success for the Society and its aims.

Here is her letter to all KMS members:

I'm delighted to become the Patron of the Katherine Mansfield Society.  I first discovered KM when I was ten, reading a short story anthology.  I started 'The Doll's House' and was immediately taken aback by the truth and sharpness of this story.  I'd had no idea that anyone could write about children with such style and perception.  I read and reread all the short stories throughout my teens, discovered the letters to John Middleton Murry in my early twenties, and then searched high and low in every second hand bookshop for Katherine's journal.  The first time I went to New Zealand on a book tour I was thrilled to visit Katherine's house.

I frequently talk about Katherine Mansfield when asked about my favourite authors. I selected an extract from 'The Doll's House' when asked for my eight most special pieces of prose for the radio 4 programme 'With Great Pleasure' and I chose her for my hero in Radio 4's 'Great Lives' programme.  When I was on 'Desert Island Discs' I naturally chose the collected short stories for my special book.  I recently wrote a piece for the Guardian, again choosing KM as my literary hero.  I'd even wear flowering gorse perfume if it was readily available!

-Jacqueline Wilson