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Postgraduate Day 2013


Katherine Mansfield Society Postgraduate Day

‘Katherine Mansfield and her Circle’

23 November 2013 at Birkbeck, University of London, Rooms 353-4

Keynote speaker: Dr Andrew Harrison

Hosted by the Katherine Mansfield Society, in association with Birkbeck University of London and the University of Northampton, this exciting one-day event, the first of its kind, brought together around 30 emerging modernist scholars to present and discuss new research relating to both Mansfield and her contemporaries. Our keynote speaker for the day was Dr Andrew Harrison, Director of the D. H. Lawrence Research Centre, University of Nottingham.

Huge thanks go to the organisers: Aimee Gasston (Birkbeck, University of London) and Chris Mourant (King’s College London). Also thanks to the original deviser of the event, Alice Kelly (University of Cambridge), who is currently in America at Yale University and was unable to be present.

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