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The NZ Society:

Joanna FitzPatrick, author of In Pursuit, a novel on KM:

Ford Madox Ford Society:

Gurdjieff article, with interesting cameos of many of KM's non-Gurdjieffian contemporaries:

Gurdjieff Studies Ltd. A balanced introduction to the whole Gurdjieffian milieu:

Gerard Manley Hopkins Society:

Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society Inc, 

Kathleen Jones, biographer of KM:   

KM and Gurdjieff focus:  

KM writings: reviews, theses, articles, books and plays relating to her work. Hosted by the University of Auckland Library. Last updated in October 2002. Online bibliography

Kathleen Jones, English biographer Katherine Mansfield: The Story-teller

Linda Lappin, whose novel Katherine's Wish is based on the last years of the life of KM.   

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre.

Dorothy Richardson Website.

The OScholars:  a group of journals and webpages devoted to exploring the literature and arts of the fin-de-siècle and Oscar Wilde

'temporel':  French website by KMS member Anne Mounic, devoted to world writing and the Arts in general.   with French translations.                      

Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain



Bookman Beattie: former leading New Zealand bookseller and publisher's blog.    

Facebook site of the Katherine Mansfield Society: 

KM info:   

McGovern Online. General discussion forum for all types of on-line resources. 

Virginia Woolf and her circle, past and present.    Blogging Woolf



Linda Lappin reading from Katherine's Wish at Shakespeare and Co in Paris: 

A feature in German on Gurdjieff's early years in Paris:  

A short docu-life of KM and dramatisation of 'Miss Brill':  A

A film about KM's poem 'The Storm': 

A trailer for a dramatisation of 'The Woman at the Store':