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Paris 2014

Katherine Mansfield
and France

Sponsored by the New Zealand Embassy in Paris

International conference organised by the Université Paris III
—Sorbonne Nouvelle
in conjunction with the Katherine Mansfield Society

19–21 June 2014

Guest speakers 
C. K. Stead, Sydney Janet Kaplan and Gerri Kimber

Several sets of photographs taken at the conference are now available to view:
Gallery 1 / Gallery 2 / Gallery 3 / Gallery 4 / Gallery 5

Images supplied by Jan Kemp, Gerri Kimber, Sebnem Kaya, Bernard Bosque, Kevin Ireland, Sarah Burgess, Kathryn Simpson, Janet Wilson

2014 seems the ideal year to celebrate Katherine Mansfield’s lifelong attachment to France, and her passionate involvement with all things French: not just the language, literature and the arts, but the everyday world too, from recipes and customs to the contemporary socio-political context, transport, economics and of course the devastating impact of the war. France for Mansfield was a land of transit, a haven to escape to and a place of exile; it was an adopted home and a sad reminder of how far away those she loved were; life the other side of the Channel was sometimes a source of wonder and inspiration, at others the trigger for comic irony and bitter satire.

Mansfield’s biographers have minutely charted out her constant channel crossings in the years 1914–1923. Her letters, notebooks and stories all point to the different repercussions of France and French culture on her vivid imagination. Recent critical studies have explored both the story of Mansfield’s reception in France and the various influences French arts had on her own creative output. But the time now seems ripe to bring together scholars, researchers and students to try and piece together an overall picture of Mansfield in France and ‘une Mansfield française’.

Our exploration of the various French avenues in her life, works and afterlife will take place in the heart of Paris, and time out will be programmed into the conference to enable all those who attend to obtain a very literal sense of place and setting. Possible Mansfield-inspired walks within Paris itself and additional excursions to the immediate environs will be suggested later.

The three-day conference will also include an alternative, intercultural approach to Mansfield’s French life in the form of a cello recital given by London-based cellist Joseph Spooner and New Zealand pianist Kathryn Mosley with a programme of early twentieth-century French music and works by Arnold Trowell.

Call For Papers

CFP (Français)


Claire Davison, Caroline Pollentier, Anne Mounic, Anne Besnault-Levita for the Sorbonne Nouvelle

and Gerri Kimber for the KMS

The Call for Papers is now closed. Details of the conference programme, travel, accommodation, the concert and the organisation day by day etc., can be found on the Paris III / KM website. For all other queries, please contact the organisers:


Concert Programme

Conference Programme


Additional events


On Sunday 22 June there will be an optional trip to Fontainebleau to visit KM's grave, the Priory, and famous KM sites in the forest of Fontainebleau. There will also be a formal welcome at the town hall. There is no additional charge for this, but delegates will pay for their own train fare/lunch etc. It is however essential to register in advance for the day out, since transport in and around Fontainebleau is being provided for us. Please send the organisers a mail to register for the day out. Further details on the Paris 3 website.

For all queries, please contact the organisers: