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Join the KMS

Several membership options are available. Membership is available via Paypal online payments. We also accept payment by Cheque and Bank transfer. If you pay us by bank transfer remember to email us your full name, address and email so we can add you to our database.

The Katherine Mansfield Society holds the name, postal address, and email address of each member. This information is used for communications regarding society business only and to send members their copies of our annual yearbook. Access to this data is restricted to the Membership Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair. All reasonable precautions are taken to protect this data. The aforementioned data will never be sold or given to any third party, person or organisation, for whatever purpose. Upon leaving the society the data for that individual will be deleted. An individual may resign from the society at any time by emailing

Please note: prices on the website are given in UK Sterling. Paypal will automatically convert the amount to your local currency.


POST with cheques to:

If you live in North America and would like to make contact with Professor Todd Martin, our Membership Secretary, please email him at