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Audio / Visual

An archive NZ radio broadcast from 1962: THE SISTERS OF KEZIA, featuring an interview with all three of KM’s sisters, by author and producer Owen Leeming.

‘Camomile Tea’ sung by Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Browne is a singer-songwriter hailing from Rotorua, New Zealand. A keen vocalist from a young age, she only recently started writing her own songs whilst on her OE in the UK. Seeking inspiration for her musical compositions, Rebecca turned to a book of poetry. Leafing through the contents, she saw mention of her country-woman Katherine Mansfield. She remembered her enjoyment of the short story 'Her First Ball', read in her final year of secondary, and so excitedly turned to view the entry.

For Rebecca, the poem, 'Camomile Tea', spoke of her own experience in 2011. Settling into a new country is a hard experience, but a special person and simple pleasures can make all the difference. With the help of Adrian McLaughlin, Adan Hill, and Chris Bird, Rebecca has been able to record and produce her work. You can listen to Rebecca's track, Camomile Tea, adapted from Mansfield's work at

The Daughter of the Watchsmith (La fille de l'horloger')

This word and music audio clip in both English and French called The Daughter of the Watchsmith (La fille de l'horloger),  was devised by Rachel Bernard with a vocal piece co-arranged with Olivier Capparos. It is composed exclusively of extracts from Katherine Mansfield's Journals. We are very grateful to Rachel for allowing free access to this marvellous artistic endeavour on our website.

Click play below to listen to the audio clip. (24min : 26sec)


Television Documentary 1986

Katherine Mansfield, a rare New Zealand writer to achieve international renown, left for Europe as a 19-year-old. This documentary examines her complicated relationships with her family and homeland, her turbulent personal life, her writing and her early death in France in 1923, at age 34. Shot in five countries and presented by Catherine Wilkin, it includes excerpts from interviews with her companion, Ida Baker (from 1974) and biographer Claire Tomalin. Ilona Rogers reads from Mansfield’s writings.

The entire documentary, divided into three parts, can be viewed on the NZ on Screen website: