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A Katherine Mansfield Chronology

Vera Scarelli’s 78 page chronology spanning the years 1888-1923 - the result of months of research - encompasses the following areas:

  • ARTS & SCIENCE (other major philosophical and scientific works, music, painting)

Whether you are a general reader or a Mansfield scholar, you will be fascinated by the breadth and depth of information in this remarkable chronology.

A note from Vera Scarelli:
I was born in Terni (Umbria region), Italy, in 1979, but I have always lived in a small village in the surroundings of Viterbo (Lazio region). I graduated in Foreign Languages (English and French) in 2005 at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, with a thesis on Irish writer John McGahern, under the supervision of Prof. Benedetta Bini. In 2007 I obtained my SSIS diploma (i.e. a postgraduate certificate in education) in Rome and I’m currently teaching English in a secondary school in Viterbo. As you can see, my fields of interest are Anglo-Irish literature, French literature and, of course, Katherine Mansfield. I happened to read her short stories at University when Dr Linda Lappin lectured on her style and narrative techniques and it was “love at first reading”! I like the language she used for expressing the movements and contradictions of soul and, most of all, I love what I call her “soft cruelty” in portraying human relationships.

The chronology is a work in progress and will be updated regularly - please send Vera any comments and additions directly to:

Vera Scarelli would like to acknowledge the help of author Linda Lappin during the creation of the chronology, in particular the section on KM’s life.