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About Us

The organization, a charity, has been set up to promote and encourage the worldwide appreciation and enjoyment of Katherine Mansfield's writing. Whilst the Society's scope is international, it has strong New Zealand representation, and part of its focus is to ensure that KM continues to be recognized as New Zealand's greatest writer, and internationally, her most famous. We publish an annual Katherine Mansfield Studies yearbook, sent free to all members, organise an annual birthday lecture (speakers in the past have included Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Dame Margaret Drabble, Emeritus Professor Angela Smith, Professor Kirsty Gunn), and run conferences promoting new scholarship on KM.

We want to be a vibrant, relevant organization for general readers, educators and scholars. To achieve this, we need you to join!

For members it is a forum for the exchange of information and for research collaboration. You will also receive a wide variety of additional benefits, including a copy of the Society's annual yearbook, 3 newsletters a year, packed with new information on Mansfield, regular email bulletins relaying all the latest news to do with Mansfield, updates on the Society's progress, and information on how you can participate.

This site is the result of hundreds of hours of voluntary work by Mansfield scholars and enthusiasts on the Board.

The Katherine Mansfield Society would also like to thank Simpson Grierson who has provided it with pro bono legal advice, the NZ Listener, as well as the Open University and the University of Northampton in the UK which has provided substantial support for the publication and distribution of the yearbook, The Southern Trust for support of the website, Brown University, the Alexander Turnbull Library and the UK National Archives.

Please enjoy our site, forward the link to every interested person you can think of, continue to read and enjoy Mansfield's writing, but mainly - join our Society.

Dame Jacqueline Wilson

Honorary President
Emeritus Professor Vincent O'Sullivan, DCNZM

Honorary Vice-Presidents
Emeritus Professor Angela Smith
Emeritus Professor C. K. Stead, ONZ, CBE, FRSL

Honorary Advisory Chair
Dr Sarah Sandley


Dr Gerri Kimber

Professor Janet Wilson

Ralph Kimber

Membership Secretary
Professor Todd Martin

Dr Sarah Ailwood

Assistant Secretary
Helen Rydstrand

Journal Committee Chair
Dr Delia Da Sousa Correa

Newsletter Editor
Dr Martin Griffiths

Conference Committee
Professor Gina Wisker

Postgraduate Representative
Faye Harland

New Zealand Treasurer
Kevin Ireland 

Eurozone co-ordinator
Professor Josiane Paccaud-Huguet

Paul Capewell