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8 January 1923

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

   My blue wool dress is in large holes. Those cashmir cardigans look as if rats have gnawed them. As to my fur coat - its like a wet London cat. The last time I was in the stable I caught one of the goats nibbling it. How are you off for clothes? Would you like brown corduroys? That big woman Miss Marston whom you took such a fancy to, wore them. She got thems from Barkers - outsize - 35/- They are breeks and a smock & long plain coat. Very practical.
   Write and tell me how you are will you? Dear Ida?
   Our calf is still allowed to be with its Mother. I can't understand it. Its a huge creature now. We had great trouble with the mother who had to be massaged daily. Do you massage your cows? Will you tell me how your stable is kept? What is the condition of the floor. I'll tell you about ours in my next letter. It worries me.
                          With love from
                                  K.M.[To Ida Baker, unsent, early January 1923.]