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A Picture of Katherine Mansfield (1973)

13 July 2009

Movies / Television  "A Picture of Katherine Mansfield" (1973)

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(Series Cast Summary - 6 of 7
Vanessa Redgrave ... Katherine Mansfield (6 episodes, 1973)
Jeremy Brett ... John Middleton Murry (6 episodes, 1973)
Lyndon Hughes ... Josie (6 episodes, 1973)
Annette Crosbie (5 episodes, 1973)
Phyllida Law ... Mother (3 episodes, 1973)
Bruce Purchase ... Father (3 episodes, 1973)

Runtime: UK:50 min (6 episodes)
Company:British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Each of the six episodes of this series consisted of three segments. In each episode the first segment was called "The Life", which covered Katherine Mansfield's life. The other two segments were adaptations of her short stories.

The Life and Writing of Katherine Mansfield is a ten minute short film on You Tube.