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Katherine Mansfield and The Art of Performance

14 February 2010

Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival on Saturday 20 March 2010:

Event 183 Delia da Sousa Correa and Kirsty Gunn 20th Mar 6:00pm

Location: Christ Church £10.00

Katherine Mansfield was a musician as well as a writer, a "performer" of stories at parties who delighted friends with her dramatic impressions and impersonations. Delia da Sousa Correa, editor of the new Katherine Mansfield Studies Journal, and author Kirsty Gunn, (whose most recent book is The Boy and the Sea) will discuss Mansfield's awareness of literature as a performance art - describing specific stories by Mansfield that evoke musical performance and including a reading of new work inspired by Mansfield that's been written in a similar "key".

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