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KM Paris Conference 19-22 June 2014: Provisional Programme and Registration Deadline

28 May 2014

This is just to remind those of you who are yet to register for the  Katherine Mansfield conference in Paris or who are still deciding whether to attend, that registration closes on 6 June.

This will be an unmissable three days in the heart of the Latin quarter of Paris, followed by an optional  day trip to Fontainebleau, to see Mansfield’s grave, visit the Prieuré at Avon, home for many years to Gurdjieff’s Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man, where she died (with exclusive access inside the building and the grounds), followed by a walk to Mansfield-related sites in the Fontainebleau forest (cars provided gratis) with readings and a speech by local KM expert Bernard Bosque, who will recreate for us her last days in Fontainebleau and the atmosphere at the time.

In addition to this, all conference delegates are invited to a magnificent reception and concert of music by Arnold Trowell and other composers to be held at the New Zealand Embassy. Concert programme attached. There are less than half a dozen places left as numbers are restricted to 50. There will be strict security at the Embassy and if your name is not on the guest list you will not gain admission. We are assuming all conference delegates will be attending, so please do let us know if you have other plans for that night. Email:

On Friday 20th there will be an informal reception and presentation of recent creative responses to KM’s life and work.

There is also an optional conference dinner on Saturday 21st at the wonderfully iconic Paris restaurant Le Procope, dating back to before the French revolution! 

Full concert programme and provisional conference programme available on the event page.

In order to register, please go to