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KMS Newsletter issue 18 - available now to members

7 September 2014

The latest issue of the KMS newsletter is available now to KMS members, produced by Dr Jenny McDonnell, the KMS Newsletter editor.

There are so many different articles – truly something for everyone – and we extend our thanks once more to Jenny, and to all the contributors.

Newsletters are available at this page.

In this issue:

  • Conference report: ‘Katherine Mansfield and France 2014’ by Tracy Miao (page 3) 
  •  ‘Katherine Mansfield effects in Austin, Texas’ by Gerri Kimber (page 10) 
  •  ‘Limbo’ by Gerri Kimber (page 11) 
  •  ‘Le Voyage Indiscret/An Indiscreet Journey’ by Bernard Bosque (translated by Brigitte Martin) (page 13) 
  • ‘We will go back together and find everything’ by Sarah Laing (page 18) 
  • ‘Mansfield and Woolf in Chicago: The International Virginia Woolf Conference, June 2014’ by Richard Cappuccio (page 21) 
  • Book Announcement: The French translation of Katherine Mansfield by Joanna Fitzpatrick (page 23) 


We had a huge response to our last competition to win a copy of Kirsty Gunn’s Thorndon: Wellington and Home: My New Zealand Project.

The question posed was:

What was the name of the Beauchamps’ family home in Karori, which Mansfield used as the setting for ‘The Doll’s House’?

The correct answer was, of course, Chesney Wold.

Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to the lucky winner, Sue Jamieson. Your prize is on its way!


This time round, we’re offering a chance for you to win a copy of C. K. Stead’s Mansfield: A Novel.

Professor Stead himself has set the following question:

Who was the poet, Mansfield’s almost exact contemporary, who called her A VERY DANGEROUS WOMAN?

To enter, just email your answer to the editor: Deadline for responses: 30 November 2014.


Jenny is now accepting submissions for issue 19 of the newsletter, to be published in December 2014. Please send all submissions to Jenny at this address: