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Translatio​n as Collaborat​ion - new book on KM, VW, and SSK by Claire Davison

30 July 2014

Translation as Collaboration 
Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield and S.S. Koteliansky 

Claire Davison 
Examines the translations from Russian by S. S. Koteliansky, Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield, 1916–1923 

This study focuses on the considerable but neglected body of works translated by S. S. Koteliansky in collaboration with Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield. It provides close-readings and broad cross-cultural contextualisations to assess the influence that translating from Russian had on the individual writers, as well as its resonance within the dynamics of modernist writing. Claire Davison shows that, read as an oeuvre, their various co-translations shed light on how their own creative vision was evolving, particularly through explorations of voice, consciousness, gender and polyidentity. And their co-translating ventures enriched their responses to the great classics but also invited innovative dialogues with other genres: critical essays, biography and early-twentieth-century writing from Russia. 

The focus here is on co-translation as praxis. Looking specifically at the immediate post-revolutionary and post-war years, when political, ideological and aesthetic interests were so intertwined, the book examines the cultural and historical dynamics of translation, which reveal a clear interface between literary creation, textual production, publishing networks and the literary translator. 

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June 2014 
256 pp • HB • 978 0 7486 8281 2 HB
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